28 Aug: Vital Technologies of Smart City

To make a city which is having the adequate essence of life with a basic foundation like a decent and sustainable atmosphere through the utilisation of some clear solutions. Using the latest technologies and data improving the circumstances of the people surrounding us.

23 Aug: Knowledge of Big Data and Its Importance

Big Data represents to have the large amount of data which is structured, semistructured and unstructured, also has the potential to be the deposit for information. It describes the huge volume of different, complex and changing data, received from a different data source. With a help of traditional data software and management tools, handling and managing big data are difficult.

18 Aug: AI Trends in 2018

Human activities are performed by a machine or programme is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence unquestionably has a lot to offer us. AI automats the regular tasks as well as giving imaginative awareness. AI is mainly used in the healthcare and banking, consumer electronics industries etc and reaping the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.