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Million Pixel Mosaic

Million Pixel Mosaic

We are proud to present Million Pixel Mosaic – a web service that aims to bring unity to Internet through images. Million Pixel Mosaic’s vision is to find some order and unity in this wildly disorganized mess that we call the Internet. Yes, we are all connected by pixels now at Million Pixel Mosaic.

A mosaic is an image that is made of several smaller images. With Million Pixel Mosaic, you get a mosaic that is made up of a million pixels that are contributed by Internet users, in essence it is a socially driven web service to create a mosaic. The website offers two mosaic options: an one million pixels comprised of 10,000 images, while the other is comprised of 2,500 images. Million Pixel Mosaic is a social network where the backdrop image is determined by the effective votes received on the submitted images. Clicking on any image tile brings up your caption/URL info, as well as the ability to view the submitted image in full-size. Million Pixel Mosaic allows text linking into the images – which can help to be a promotion to your website as well, all for a nominal fee. Creating a mosaic socially is the innovation at Million Pixel Mosaic.

We would like to thank Mr. Gregory, our client for choosing us for developing his idea to reality. He was involved with every step of the development, with his active feedback, revisions, brainstorming and finally getting the great web service live! We wholeheartedly wish him good luck with Million Pixel Mosaic, get started to add your image to Million Pixel Mosaic at

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